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National Apprenticeship Week is here!

2 mins read time

By Jordon

Hurray! It's National Apprenticeship Week and we're shouting about our fantastic apprentices and businesses who are #buildingthefuture.

We're shining a spotlight on Step3 Digital: a full-service marketing agency based in Kent. We caught up with their MD, Gary who speaks to businesses about all benefits of taking on an apprentice. Watch Gary's video.

Are you looking to take up an apprenticeship? Take inspo from Samuel, who is completing his Level 4 software developer apprenticeship at Step 3 Digital. Watch Samuel's video.

The Coders Guild on Tour

Our supercharged apprenticeship team are out and about this week. Find us at Leeds Recruitment Fair (Monday 7th, First Direct Arena) and York Apprenticeship Fair (Thursday 10th, York Racecourse). Grab your tickets and come and chat to us about our exciting opportunities. We've also got lots of hoodies and goodies to give to you!

The Coders Guild helps people to develop the digital skills needed for a successful career in tech.  We work in partnership with businesses to give them the most talented, well-trained tech superstars in the industry today.

If you’re looking to take up a tech apprenticeship or a business who is looking for their next hire, then get in touch with or 0113 460 1024.

We’re on a mission to make tech education accessible, available, and rewarding for everyone, creating equal career opportunities for people of all backgrounds. This is how we are ‘building the future’.

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