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The Levelling Up white paper

2 mins read time

By Crispin

Our CEO, Crispin Read comments on today's Levelling Up white paper:

“We welcome recognition that areas such as Yorkshire are a focus in today’s levelling up white paper.

“What’s lacking is reference to the importance of addressing social mobility.  This is a major missed opportunity.  There should be an acknowledgment that we have a particular obligation to support disadvantaged young people once they leave school.

“Local skills plans are welcomed - and these need to be backed with proper funding especially to encourage employers to engage with more socially disadvantaged young people.  We know employers want to play their part - but too often they don’t know what to do or where to start.

“Skills - and the crucial digital skills everyone needs - must be at the heart of levelling up and addressing social mobility.  Schemes such as bootcamps that are targeted at those most in need can be very powerful - as well as access to apprenticeships.  We need to boost confidence and promote aspiration for young people from disadvantaged communities in particular. ”

Contact:  Crispin Read

Watch Crispin's video as he calls on Yorkshire Businesses to take responsibility for social mobility.

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