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Essential Skills For Agile & Tech Careers

3 mins read time

By Crispin

We are delighted to share the news that we are offering an exciting bootcamp 100% FREE for ANYONE in West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire looking to start or progress their career in tech.

The course is designed to bolster your skill set and supercharge your career prospects adding instant value to your team.

Based on insight and feedback from employers and team leaders we work with, we have designed a crash course covering essential skills and knowledge. All these skills are vital to progressing or accelerating your tech career. Hot subjects like Cyber Security, Accessibility and User Focus; fundamental concepts like Agile Planning and Defining an MVP; as well as core skills in communication and presentation.

The course will run over 4 weeks, delivered in 2-3 short online sessions each week. The sessions generally run between 12-2pm to minimise disruption to your working day. We only have a few spaces left and we are starting on 18th March so don’t delay - APPLY NOW!

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Is this course for you?

This course will be beneficial to many different tech career paths. We are expecting to hear from:

  • Account managers
  • Project Managers
  • Testers
  • Developer
  • Business Analysts
  • Product Owners
  • Operational Staff

But if you are not on the list, don’t let that stop you - we would really like this pilot course to be as diverse as possible - peer to peer learning and knowledge sharing is a big part of what we do.

Convince Your Boss

This is a 100% free course delivered over lunch time, you will barely need any time off work to complete it and your employer or team leader will get instant ROI from the skills and knowledge you will pick up.

This course will introduce you to concepts and areas that you may not get exposure to on a daily basis, and provide the foundations for continuous professional development in vital skills and knowledge.


To be eligible for this course you must live or work in West Yorkshire or North Yorkshire.

What does the course include?

  1. Presentation Skills Practical skills for presenting innovative ideas and content to your colleagues, tips and technique to deliver engaging and interactive content.
  2. Communication Skills How to communicate better within an organisation, team, situation. Including: dealing with conflict, how to deliver feedback to different people and understanding different roles and perspectives.
  3. UCD - User-Centred Design Everything we build tends to have some sort of user interaction, this session is about practical ways in which we can help our teams retain and improve that user focus throughout the development process.
  4. Security You’ll be covering common security issues with practical examples on how to check for some simple flaws. Let’s help our dev teams build more secure products.
  5. Accessibility You will learn the importance and benefits of creating inclusive digital products, and how to check existing sites for accessibility issues. Let’s make stuff work better for those using assistive technologies.
  6. MVP (Minimum Viable Product) A fully interactive session - what is a Minimum Viable Product? You'll all work together to create a plan for an MVP spec based on business needs and other factors like budget and timescales.
  7. Agile Planning Taking the MVP you created together, you will learn about agile planning and how to prioritise features to produce a sensible, deliverable plan.
  8. Importance of Testing Everybody needs to test more - We’ll talk about the importance of testing on tech projects and how to devise a sensible plan covering different types of testing

Super-charge your career now

If you are ready to up-skill, re-skill or top up your skills and knowledge click the button below and apply today. Don't delay, spaces are limited and time is tight - first come first served - Don't miss out!

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