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Tech Apprentices On Demand

3 mins read time

By Jordon

With the UK’s digital skills gap widening, hiring a tech apprentice has never been more important.

Whether your business is looking for a software developer, software tester or UX designer, our digital skills Bootcamp graduates are ready to roll up their sleeves and bring industry-leading tech know-how to your team.

Our talented tech superstars have already proven themselves as your future tech innovators through their brilliant communication skills, buckets of enthusiasm and aptitude for problem solving. Make 2022 the year your business hires for potential, not experience.

We will get the right tech apprentice for your business because it’s what we do. Firstly, we recruit people for our Bootcamps through our robust selection process based on aptitude and enthusiasm (so we’ve already done the hard work for you). Secondly, our graduates have been taught by tech professionals with the core skills needed in the tech industry, today. Lastly, our apprentice training programme is tailored to match your specific business needs and goals gaining you a faster ROI.

86% of employers said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation*

78% of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve productivity*

74% of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve the quality of their product or service*

The Coders Guild are on a mission to increase diversity, promote inclusion and remove barriers to careers in tech. Are you ready to join us? This is an exciting opportunity for your business to be a force for good, plug the digital skills gap and champion diversity in the workplace.

Did you know that an apprenticeship will also save you money on recruitment? You will receive Government funding covering 95% - 100% of your apprentice’s training costs. There are no recruitment fees to pay. Just to recap, by taking on a tech apprentice your business will benefit from:

  • Super fast ROI
  • Filling the digital skills gap
  • Better staff retention
  • Greater diversity

Remember, these motivated individuals have learnt through our Bootcamps in order to retrain themselves in this exciting and vibrant industry where they can make a positive impact on your business and its people.

Be inspired by Sculpt Digital, a specialist eCommerce & digital performance agency in Leeds. They were so impressed by our calibre of Bootcampers they hired both Shana and Joanna, as software testing apprentices. Watch the video:

The Coders Guild gives businesses unprecedented access to a brilliant pipeline of tech talent, and a solid network of ongoing support.

If you have any questions about taking on an apprentice, contact Fiona, Head of Partnerships on 0113 460 1024 x 106 or email:


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