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Digital Content Creator & Marketing Coordinator

Job Description

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The Application Process

We are really proud of our work improving the inclusivity of our application process. Your application will go through two rounds of anonymised filtering based on your answers to the three numbered questions in the form. Candidates that pass this filter will then proceed further to CV checks and initial phone/video calls from our HR team. From there we will arrange calls with the wider team.

If you have any feedback or comments about the process please use the final comment box on the form (this is not included in the first levels of filtering).

This form collects your personal data so that the relevant person or team can respond to your enquiry. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

If you would like to apply in a different way please get in touch via the email below. Good luck.

more than 50 words but less than 250 words please

A great opportunity to tell us about your experience