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DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

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DevOps Engineer

Elevate Your Career with DevOps Mastery

In today's rapidly evolving tech landscape, DevOps is the bridge that leads to efficient, agile, and innovative software development and deployment. Our DevOps Apprenticeship is your gateway to mastering this critical field. Whether you're an aspiring tech enthusiast or an experienced professional looking to enhance your skill set, this program is designed to empower you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in DevOps.

Revolutionize Your Approach to Software Delivery

DevOps is more than just a buzzword; it's a transformative approach that's changing the way software is developed, delivered, and maintained. By joining our DevOps Apprenticeship, you're not only investing in your career; you're embracing a mindset that prioritizes collaboration, automation, and efficiency. Seize the opportunity to become a DevOps champion and drive innovation in the tech world.

Group and 1-1 Learning

Group and 1-1 Learning

Super Fast ROI

Super Fast ROI

Learn from expert professionals

Learn from expert professionals

Aspiring Tech Enthusiasts: If you're passionate about technology and want to be at the forefront of software development and deployment, this apprenticeship is for you.

IT Professionals and Developers: Enhance your skill set by learning the DevOps practices that are reshaping the industry.

Project Managers: Understand how DevOps can streamline project management and deliver results faster.

System Administrators: Expand your capabilities by gaining expertise in automation and infrastructure as code.

In-Depth DevOps Knowledge: Master the principles, tools, and practices that drive DevOps success.

Career Advancement: Open doors to a wide range of career paths, from DevOps engineer to IT manager.

Real-World Impact: Apply your DevOps skills to create efficient, automated, and reliable software pipelines.

Efficiency and Innovation: Embrace a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in software development and delivery.

Join us on this transformative journey to become a DevOps expert and lead the way in reshaping the future of technology. Start your DevOps Apprenticeship today!

Section 1: Foundations of DevOps

  • DevOps Introduction: Understanding DevOps principles and its cultural significance.
  • Version Control: Learning Git for efficient code management.
  • CI/CD Pipeline: Mastering automation for building and deploying software.

Section 2: DevOps Tools and Practices

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Managing infrastructure with tools like Terraform and Ansible.
  • Containerization: Exploring Docker and Kubernetes for container orchestration.
  • Security Integration: Incorporating security practices into the DevOps process.

Section 3: Advanced DevOps and Projects

  • Advanced Concepts: Exploring microservices, serverless computing, and Agile integration.
  • Real-World Projects: Applying DevOps principles to practical industry projects.
  • Final Assessment: Demonstrating proficiency through a hands-on final project.

This concise outline provides apprentices with a solid foundation in DevOps principles, tools, and real-world application, making them proficient in this transformative field.

  1. DevOps Principles: Master the core principles of DevOps, emphasizing collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement.
  2. Version Control: Gain proficiency in version control systems like Git, enabling efficient code management.
  3. Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Learn to automate build, test, and deployment processes for faster software delivery.
  4. Containerization: Understand containerization technologies like Docker for consistent and portable software deployments.
  5. Configuration Management: Manage infrastructure as code using tools like Ansible and Puppet to ensure consistency.
  6. Cloud Computing: Explore cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud to deploy and scale applications.
  7. Monitoring and Logging: Implement monitoring and logging solutions to proactively identify and address issues.
  8. Security in DevOps: Integrate security into the DevOps pipeline to ensure secure deployments.
  9. Collaboration Tools: Utilize collaboration and communication tools like Slack and Jira for efficient teamwork.
  10. DevOps Culture: Foster a DevOps culture emphasizing collaboration, communication, and continuous learning.

The recommended course duration is 24 months but most of our apprentices complete their training in 18 months.

Before you start our team will help you complete a skills gap analysis and a review of core training. This will help us to agree on the correct course length for you and also set up your unique learning plan.

The course consists of the core curriculum above which is delivered mainly in half day remote sessions. On top of this you will also be working to a specific and personal learning plan co created with team members from your employer - this will ensure that you are learning the languages, systems and frameworks that matter to you and your team.


You will be appointed a technical coach with real industry experience for information, advice and guidance throughout your apprenticeship journey.


We also run additional specialised workshops in specific skills like API creation and consumption, Agile planning and best practices, JAMStack, Automation, Testing and more are being added as the suggestions come through.

Field Trips

We also run field trips to meetups, camps, conferences and other industry events to help broaden your horizons and extend your professional network.

  • A passion for technology and a desire to learn.

What learners say about this course

Catrina Chappell

Data Analyst - Canal & River Trust

I'd recommend it absolutely! Mainly because of the trainers that are involved. They were really knowledgeable, they were always available to answer any questions and stuff outside the sessions.

Rachael Lawlor

Technology Graduate - SkyBet

The Coders Guild gave me the confidence to find a role in tech and to pursue a dream job! The course was easy to follow and had lots of interactive bits too. I have ended up getting a role with a prestigious betting and gaming company all thanks to the Coders Guild

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