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Building Highly Effective Teams

Building Highly Effective Teams

Building Highly Effective Teams

Elevate Your Leadership and Team Skills with our Training

£1395 - Next course starts: 15th Apr, 2024

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Transform into the leader your team needs with our "Building Highly Effective Teams" course. Designed for both current and aspiring team leaders, this course delivers essential skills and knowledge for enhancing team performance and well-being.

Super Fast ROI

Super Fast ROI

Learn from Expert Professionals

Learn from Expert Professionals

Group and 1-1 Learning

Group and 1-1 Learning

Trusted by the most innovative teams

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15th Apr, 2024

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2nd Sept, 2024

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Course Content

Building Highly Effective Teams

Who Is This For

Ideal for Project and Product Managers, QA/Software Testers, Developers, Coders, Engineers, Business Analysts, Product Owners, and anyone interested in improving their team leadership skills.

What You Will Get

Immediate improvements in team collaboration, a mentoring culture, and a drafted team charter to guide your team's progress and well-being.

Beyond theory, you'll gain practical tools and insights:

  1. Techniques for drafting an effective team charter to align goals and expectations.
  2. Strategies to boost collaboration and enhance team well-being.
  3. A roadmap to creating a supportive mentoring culture within your team.
  4. Insights into leadership styles and their impact on team dynamics.
Course Outline

Our curriculum is crafted by industry veterans, ensuring relevance and applicability. Highlights include:

  • Leadership models: From transformational to servant leadership, understand the spectrum and find your fit.
  • Effective team management: Dive into the essentials of time, resource management, and measuring success through OKRs and KPIs.

Embracing diversity: Learn to harness the power of diverse teams for innovative solutions and a stronger work environment.

Course Breakdown

The "Building Highly Effective Teams" course covers essential areas for team leaders and managers, focusing on creating, managing, and nurturing high-performing teams. Key topics include establishing team charters, exploring leadership styles, managing team dynamics, effective time management, measuring success with OKRs and KPIs, understanding cognitive biases, promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion, and designing team culture. This comprehensive curriculum ensures participants can immediately apply learnings to enhance team collaboration, culture, and performance.


The course includes eight sessions, each lasting three hours, conducted remotely to maximise your convenience and flexibility.

Pre Requisites

There are no specific prerequisites for this course in terms of past achievements or qualifications. Instead, we employ an Information, Advice, and Guidance (IAG) process for all applications. Our team will work with you to ensure that this course aligns with your goals and needs, adhering to the Matrix Standard for professional training. This process helps confirm that the course is the right fit for you, ensuring a beneficial and impactful learning experience.

Next course starts: 15th Apr, 2024

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Sarah Cullen

Associate Trainer

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