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It’s National Careers Week! Try out tech

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By Jordon

It’s National Careers Week! Try out tech

This week marks the 11th National Careers Week (7-12 March 2022), which promotes careers guidance across the UK. We want to use it as an opportunity to champion the power of digital apprenticeships and Skills Bootcamps, and the crucial role they have in boosting the future prosperity of the tech economy.

As career choices are thrown into the spotlight this week, it’s only right that we highlight the tech industry as the place to be if you’re just starting out in your career, or you’re considering a career change. Microsoft anticipates the need for more than three million skilled people in UK technology careers over the next five years and has identified more than £48 billion of opportunity if UK leaders enhance their organisations’ digital competitiveness through sustainable growth practices.

That means there’ll be more great jobs for more great people, and the good news is, it’s open to everyone. A lot of work is being done in day in, day out, to make the industry more diverse and welcoming, and to close the digital skills gap and bias that exists.

No longer is a top tech role limited to university graduates with maths degrees, or IT wizards. On the contrary, the core principles of a job in the tech industry are actually like many other roles: good communication skills, the ability to solve problems and be a great asset in a team. You don’t need to know the technical ins and outs of digital, but you do need a passion and a willingness to learn.

Digital apprenticeships

Digital apprenticeships offer a win-win, because they combine a job with qualification-led training and the chance to put your skills into practice, unlocking opportunity and growth for individuals and employers in the tech industry. Apprentices have the opportunity to maximise digital technology and build a long lasting, rewarding career in technology, and we see first-hand the positive impact they have on companies in all sectors across the UK.

We helped Sam Ashbrook secure his apprenticeship with Step3 Digital. He said: “So far, the experience of being an apprentice has been amazing. You get to gain experience on the job, use your new skills and apply them. And you also get to meet new people, so it's great.”

His employer; Gary Brindley added: “Sam’s ability to learn new skills quickly means that from week one, he was earning money for Step Three. And since July, when he started, he's been learning new skills which are beneficial to him and us at Step3 Digital; whilst at the same time producing amazing work for clients.”

Skills Bootcamps

Another route into the industry is to take part in Skills Bootcamps, like Tom. Tom was a kitchen porter, but he had a feeling there was another career out there for him and noticed a lot of well-paid jobs were available in computer programming. He taught himself the basics of coding. “It was interesting – like learning a new language,” but lacked the confidence to apply for programming jobs. So he applied for our three-month Skills Bootcamp in coding, which are twice-weekly online sessions, each lasting up to three hours.

Skills Bootcamps are Government-funded courses of up to 16 weeks for adults in England aged 19 or over who are either in work or recently unemployed. They are aimed at people seeking a career change, like Tom, and workers who want to climb the career ladder in sectors they’re already in.

Tom is now on a two-year apprenticeship as a software developer with Dedalus Group, building healthcare software. He said: “With the right skills, you won’t be short of a job in IT – it’s an exciting industry full of opportunity.”

If you’re not sure which opportunity might be right for you, we provide free, personalised advice and guidance to help you take the next step towards achieving your goals. We help more people get the right skills to thrive in technology careers, and employers find the right talent to help drive business success and UK prosperity.

If you want to chat to the team about a tech apprenticeship or apply for our funded digital skills courses, visit our website:

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