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Internet Safety Day February 6th 2024

7 mins read time

By Francesca French

As a remote training provider, we recognise and embrace the advantages of utilising the internet for our learners. However, we are also fully aware of the potential risks associated with online activities, such as exposure to inappropriate content and heightened safety concerns.
We asked Aiden Vaines, one of our technical Trainers, and also Principal Technologist & Platform & Engineering Lead to provide industry relevant top tips for internet safety in 2024 as part of our promotion to our learners, employers, partners and staff on how to be safe on the internet in 2024.

Top tips for internet safety in 2024:
1. Use a password manager

If you don’t even know your password, how is an attacker supposed to? Having seperate passwords for every website is the default recommendation but as humans we’re pretty bad at that without falling in to a pattern. Let a password manager remember hundreds of random passwords for you instead. Some great options include 1Password, BitWarden or Keepass if you want a more DIY solution.

2 - Security in Depth.
Turn on Multi-Factor Authentication, 2 Step Verification or similar additional security mechanisms the services you use offer. If the services offer Passkeys as a method for authentication consider using them as they are purportedly more secure than traditional passwords and easier to use.

3 - Keep your digital life safe
Take backups of anything important regularly, and store them in a separate physical location. Services like Backblaze, iDrive, and CrashPlan are reasonably priced and give an excellent piece of mind for keeping your digital life safe. A DIY solution with Google Drive, AWS S3, or Azure Blob Storage could be an option too.

4 - Be careful of suspicious links
A careless click could expose your personal data or infect your device with malware. Check the address links will take you to by hovering over them and checking the status bar in the bottom of your browser.

5 - Close unused accounts for services you no longer use or need
Often these accounts you have not used in years still have your date of birth, location, full name, address, and maybe even your financial details. These old accounts are statistically the most likely to be hacked or leaked.....but not if they don’t exist.
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In our upcoming training sessions and Monthly Newsletter, we will focus on promoting internet safety. We will explore how the internet has transformed our work and learning experiences, highlighting both the positive and negative aspects and what we can do to stay safe and keep using it to our advantage.
As part of this initiative, all our staff members will receive internet safety training, which includes information about the new online safety bill for 2023. This training will enhance our skills and knowledge, enabling us to provide the necessary protection and security for our learners in our online classrooms and beyond.

If you are interested in learning more about the internet safety bill that was passed in 2023 to protect children and adults online please follow the link A guide to the Online Safety Bill - GOV.UK (
We value the advancements that technology has brought us and are committed to staying up-to-date with policies and training to effectively utilise, promote, and maximize their benefits for us and for our Learners.

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