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Dedalus UK: Could you be their next superstar apprentice?

2 mins read time

By Crispin

Leading healthcare software provider, Dedalus UK are seeking 12 apprentices to help contribute to the development of healthcare software products for clients across the UK.

Working alongside an ambitious team of talented tech professionals who are passionate about the industry,  you will learn on-the-job skills leading to excellent career progression.

Dedalus have opportunities for two exciting roles, based in Leeds:

Software Tester Apprentice (17k+ pa)

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More details about the role are available on the .gov 'find an apprenticeship' site

Software Developer Apprentice (17k+ pa)

Apply Now

More details about the role are available on the .gov 'find an apprenticeship' site

The Coders Guild are proud to partner with Dedalus UK, because like us, their mission is driven by diversity and inclusivity.

“We are open to recruiting people from varied backgrounds and different qualifications. As long as you have a willingness to learn and a desire to work in a rewarding environment, then this is the apprenticeship for you, to kick-start your career in tech.”
—Richard Lilley,  Director of Services, Dedalus

If you are an employer who wants to hire an apprentice to drive growth and success for your business - get in touch with me - Fiona Bishop, Partnership Manager 0113 460 1024.

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