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Creating A Diverse Tech Workforce In Leeds And Beyond

5 mins read time

By Crispin

As part of the Leeds Digital Forum in May 2021, The Coders Guild was invited to take part in a webinar that focused on creating better connections in Leeds for people working in the tech sector.

We spoke about our social mission and continued dedication to increase diversity, promote inclusion and remove barriers to careers in tech.

What steps can you take to help create a more diverse workforce across the tech industry?

Talk highlights

We shared key points around the work we are doing to promote inclusion and champion the development of people from all walks of life:

  • We’ve been delighted to work with the Department for Education through the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Council and Yorkshire Combined Authority to train over 200 people and build their skills in web development, software testing and UX.
  • Our courses are led by industry professionals who are dedicated to giving apprentices the skills they need to be successful across various tech roles.
  • We’ve placed a lot of emphasis on making courses valuable to everyone, from Leeds businesses through to our trainees. We’ve armed our graduates with the knowledge they need to make an immediate impact and collaborated with brands who can continue to nurture this talent.

But there’s more we can do, and we need your help to create a more diverse workforce in tech businesses throughout the UK.

How can you help?

We want to give the 200 graduates of our recent digital training programmes the opportunity to progress and for companies to see the positive impact our trainees can bring to developing the future of the tech industry.

That’s why we need your help to connect with businesses across Leeds, Yorkshire and further afield to give our graduates the chance to grow their skills. This includes jobs, mentoring, apprenticeships, mock interview training, internships and whatever resources that can be provided.

In our experience, SMEs and small businesses that have taken on apprentices see a greater return on investment because of the quality of learning the trainees receive and the skills they graduate with.

This is an amazing opportunity for brands to take on rising stars in the tech world, address skill shortages, champion diversity in the workplace and support our government backed programme.

Jumpstart the careers of our tech graduates today

If you’re a business who can help us with our mission to break down all barriers to the tech sector and nurture top talent, then take action today.

Get in touch with us via the contact form to discuss job and mentoring opportunities for our graduates.

Another way you can show support is by sharing this article across your social channels and putting us in contact with tech businesses in Leeds who’d be interested in collaborating.

Call us on 0113 460 1024

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