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Excellence in Modern Software Testing

Excellence in Modern Software Testing

Excellence in Modern Software Testing

Software Testing Apprenticeship Level 4

Next course starts: 21st Oct, 2024

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Forge Your Path in Quality Assurance

Whether you're taking your first steps into the tech industry or seeking to bolster your existing career, our Testing Apprenticeship offers a unique opportunity to gain essential skills. This program isn't just for beginners; it's a valuable asset for seasoned professionals too. Elevate your expertise and make a significant impact in the world of quality assurance.

Empower Your Career with Versatile Skills

In today's fast-paced tech landscape, adaptability is key. Our Testing Apprenticeship caters to a wide range of individuals. If you're starting from scratch, it provides a strong foundation. If you're a developer, project manager, or QA professional, it's the perfect add-on to enhance your capabilities. For those in QA and testing, it's an opportunity to solidify your knowledge swiftly.

Learn from Expert Professionals

Learn from Expert Professionals

Super Fast ROI

Super Fast ROI

One or two sessions per week

One or two sessions per week

Trusted by the most innovative teams

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Week Commencing

21st Oct, 2024

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Course Content

Excellence in Modern Software Testing

Who Is This For
  • Entry-Level Enthusiasts: If you're new to the tech world and eager to dive into quality assurance, this apprenticeship is tailored for you.
  • Developers and Project Managers: Add an extra layer of expertise to your skillset by mastering quality assurance and testing principles.
  • QA and Testing Professionals: Cement your knowledge and stay updated with the latest testing techniques and tools.
What You Will Get
  • Foundational Skills: Develop a strong foundation in testing methodologies, tools, and best practices.
  • Career Flexibility: Open doors to various roles in quality assurance, project management, and software development.
  • Real-World Impact: Contribute to building high-quality software that meets user expectations.
  • Fast-Track Learning: If you're already in the QA or testing field, accelerate your career with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience.

Join us on this dynamic journey to become a quality assurance expert and make your mark in the tech industry. Start your Testing Apprenticeship today!

Course Outline

Introduction to Quality Assurance:

  • Overview of quality assurance principles and the role of testing in software development.
  • Understanding different testing methodologies and their applications.

Testing Tools and Techniques:

  • Hands-on experience with popular testing tools and frameworks.
  • Learning various testing techniques, including manual and automated testing.

Test Planning and Execution:

  • Developing comprehensive test plans to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Executing test cases, identifying defects, and reporting findings.

Advanced Testing Topics:

  • Exploring advanced topics such as performance testing, security testing, and mobile app testing.
  • Learning how to integrate testing into Agile development processes.
Course Breakdown

Key Training Areas:

  1. Testing Methodologies: Master different testing approaches, including manual and automated testing, to ensure software reliability.
  2. Test Planning: Develop comprehensive test plans, covering various scenarios to ensure comprehensive testing.
  3. Test Execution: Learn to execute test cases, identify defects, and ensure software meets quality benchmarks.
  4. Automation Testing: Gain proficiency in automation tools and frameworks for efficient and repeatable testing.
  5. Performance Testing: Understand how to assess software performance and optimize it for speed and scalability.
  6. Security Testing: Learn to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities within software applications.
  7. Agile Testing: Adapt to the Agile development environment, ensuring testing aligns with fast-paced development cycles.
  8. Defect Management: Master defect tracking and management systems to streamline issue resolution.
  9. Reporting and Documentation: Develop clear and concise test reports and documentation for stakeholders.
  10. Continuous Learning: Stay updated with emerging testing trends and technologies.

The recommended course duration is 24 months but most of our apprentices complete their training in 18 months.

Before you start our team will help you complete a skills gap analysis and a review of core training. This will help us to agree on the correct course length for you and also set up your unique learning plan.

The course consists of the core curriculum above which is delivered mainly in half day remote sessions. On top of this you will also be working to a specific and personal learning plan co created with team members from your employer - this will ensure that you are learning the languages, systems and frameworks that matter to you and your team.


You will be appointed a technical coach with real industry experience for information, advice and guidance throughout your apprenticeship journey.


We also run additional specialised workshops in specific skills like API creation and consumption, Agile planning and best practices, JAMStack, Automation, Testing and more are being added as the suggestions come through.

Field Trips

We also run field trips to meetups, camps, conferences and other industry events to help broaden your horizons and extend your professional network.

Pre Requisites

To excel in this course, you should have:

  • A basic understanding of software testing
  • A passion for technology and a desire to learn.

Next course starts: 21st Oct, 2024

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Who trains this course?

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Kelly Kenyon

Software Tester at Glean

Raneem Rashid

Technical Trainer & Coach

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