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Crucial Skills for Software Developers

Course start date: TBC

Would you like to kickstart or fast track your career in coding? Join us for a pro led short course in the fundamentals of programming. In as little as 8 weeks of part time sessions you’ll be well on the way to coding glory and better career opportunities.

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Remote Delivery

If you live or work in Greater Manchester it is very likely that you will be eligible for 100% funding through the GMCA Skills for growth programme.

Kickstart or fast track your career in coding

Our Get Ahead courses are developed with employability and career progression in mind. Maybe you’re a front-end coder or web designer ready to make the jump into full stack programming with JavaScript? Perhaps you are a bedroom coder looking for your route into this exciting and rewarding career. Or you might be someone who works alongside coders who just wants to find out how this stuff all works.

Whatever your background you will be very welcome on this course - you’ll learn crucial skills from the best in the business - all whilst making connections and broadening your network, powering up your career from this point forwards.

Course Outline

The course contents are the key skills needed and valued by coding teams. These are derived from a consensus from team leaders and employers from a wide variety of teams and companies. All sessions are devised, reviewed and delivered by professionals from the software development industry and are under constant review and improvement to ensure they are as relevant and current as possible.

You will cover:

  1. Fundamental principles of programming
  2. Full recap of or introduction to coding with Vanilla JavaScript (as required)
  3. Working with JavaScript, APIs and Markup (The JamStack)
  4. Using pseudocode to break problems down and structure problem solving
  5. The importance of semantic markup and Accessibility
  6. Communication - specifically within a tech team setting
  7. Source control with Git - best practice and common workflow


This course generally runs over 8-16 weeks in half day sessions. These are delivered remotely and there are options to attend outside of working hours so it is easy to fit around your existing commitments.

These sessions are supplemented with additional guided but self led learning, shorter ‘lunch-and-learn’ sessions on key skills and knowledge as well as ad hoc 1-1 support and coaching.

We have been working on solutions to technical vocational training since 2012 and no one has a better understanding than us of key motivators for employers when looking to hire or promote junior / apprentice developers. In software development everyone is self taught to a certain extent. Most people hiring or influencing the hire are unlikely to have come through formal education in computer science.

In this career we never stop learning - an appetite for learning and self teaching and a clear interest in the job are the most important things we can show. This course is designed to help you showcase these traits with real code examples and an understanding of the tools of the trade and working best practice.


All learners will have a full, basic understanding of vanilla JavaScript as well as the ability to break problems down and solve them with code.

Those looking for their first position as a developer will produce a portfolio of work to help them with employment opportunities.

The portfolio will showcase the skills and knowledge needed to present learners as a person with the potential to become an asset to a web/app/software development team. It will show not only code proficiency but also an understanding of key tools and processes such as version control and deployment.


  • This course is not for absolute beginners - you will need a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.
  • You do not need any formal qualifications, we are looking for aptitude and enthusiasm - if you have been teaching yourself to code and want to succeed in this business, that will be enough for us.
  • Please make sure you fill out the application form outlining your understanding so far and ambitions for the future.

Would you like to do this course for free?

Register your interest here!

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Remote Delivery

If you live or work in Greater Manchester it is very likely that you will be eligible for 100% funding through the GMCA Skills for growth programme.

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*Whilst it is very likely you will be eligible for funding it is not a guarantee

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Whilst it is very likely you will be eligible for funding, it is not a guarantee.

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