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Certified Cloud Specialist - AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud

Certified Cloud Specialist - AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud

Certified Cloud Specialist - AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud

Level 3 Cloud Specialist Apprenticeship

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Unlock Your Future in Cloud Computing

As businesses increasingly move to cloud-based solutions, the demand for skilled cloud specialists continues to grow. Our Level 3 Cloud Specialist apprenticeship offers you the unique opportunity to specialise in Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud, aligning your learning with real-world business requirements.

Start your journey in cloud technology with The Coders Guild's apprenticeship program.

  1. Hands-On Experience: Gain practical skills with real-world projects on your chosen platform (AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud).
  2. Certifications: Earn industry-recognised certifications that boost your employability and professional growth.
  3. Flexible Learning Paths: Choose the platform that best suits your career goals and business needs, with the option to switch or add another platform as you progress.
Super Fast ROI

Super Fast ROI

Group and 1-1 Learning

Group and 1-1 Learning

Learn from Expert Professionals

Learn from Expert Professionals

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Course Content

Certified Cloud Specialist - AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud

Who Is This For

This course is designed for individuals eager to start a career in cloud computing. It is ideal for:

  • IT professionals seeking specialisation in cloud services.
  • Recent graduates aiming to enter the tech industry.
  • Anyone interested in building a career in cloud infrastructure and support.
  • Course Breakdown
What You Will Get

Join our Level 3 Cloud Specialist Apprenticeship to propel your career in cloud computing with hands-on, industry-driven training. Here’s what you’ll gain:

In-Depth Knowledge

Master the principles, tools, and practices essential for cloud success across platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Understand the architectures, services, and solutions that drive cloud computing.

Career Advancement

Open doors to a wide range of career paths, from cloud support specialist to solutions architect. Gain the certifications and skills that top tech companies demand.

Real-World Impact

Apply your cloud skills to design and implement solutions that solve real business problems. Improve system efficiencies and help companies leverage the cloud for scalability and innovation.

Efficiency and Innovation

Embrace a culture of continuous improvement and cutting-edge technology. Learn to navigate and optimise cloud environments to foster innovation and operational excellence.

Join us on this transformative journey to become a cloud computing expert and lead the way in reshaping the future of technology. Start your Cloud Specialist Apprenticeship today!

Course Outline

The apprenticeship is structured into four key modules, each designed to build your expertise from fundamental concepts to advanced applications:

  1. Cloud Foundations
    • Introduction to Cloud Computing
    • Core Cloud Services
    • Security and Compliance Basics
  2. Platform Specialisation
    • Deep dive into the specific cloud platform of your choice (AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud)
    • Platform-specific tools and services
    • Best practices for deployment and management
  3. Advanced Cloud Solutions
    • Implementing and managing cloud-native applications
    • Data management and analytics in the cloud
    • Enterprise cloud strategies
  4. Capstone Project
    • Real-world project tailored to your chosen platform
    • Cross-platform integration challenges
    • Presentation and evaluation of project outcomes
Course Breakdown
  • Section 1: Introduction to cloud concepts, understanding different platforms, and setting up your cloud environment.
  • Section 2: In-depth training on your chosen platform (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), including hands-on labs and mini-projects.
  • Section 3: Advanced features and services, focusing on security, scalability, and reliability within cloud architectures.
  • Section 4: Capstone project where you apply everything learned to solve a real business problem, culminating in a professional presentation to industry experts.

The recommended course duration is 24 months but most of our apprentices complete their training in 13-15 months.

Before you start our team will help you complete a skills gap analysis and a review of core training. This will help us to agree on the correct course length for you and also set up your unique learning plan.

The course consists of the core curriculum above which is delivered mainly in half day remote sessions. On top of this you will also be working to a specific and personal learning plan co created with team members from your employer - this will ensure that you are learning the languages, systems and frameworks that matter to you and your team.


You will be appointed a technical coach with real industry experience for information, advice and guidance throughout your apprenticeship journey.


We also run additional specialised workshops in specific skills like API creation and consumption, Agile planning and best practices, JAMStack, Automation, Testing and more are being added as the suggestions come through.

Field Trips

We also run field trips to meetups, camps, conferences and other industry events to help broaden your horizons and extend your professional network.

Pre Requisites

We believe that talent and potential should define your journey, not just your academic history. Unlike many other training providers, we do not set specific academic qualifications as a barrier to entry for our apprenticeship program. Our focus is on your aptitude, enthusiasm, and the potential you bring to the table.

Our application process is designed to recognize and nurture these qualities, ensuring that every candidate is evaluated on a level playing field, regardless of their academic background. We understand that traditional educational achievements are not the only measure of capability and are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

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Who trains this course?

All out technical and vocational courses are devised, reviewed and delivered by prominent industry professionals, many of them are experts in their fields

Steve Marks

Software Development Coach

Justin Heath

Full Stack JS at Humans Not Robots

What learners say about this course

Success Stories

Overall, the course taught me fundamental skills to be able to land my first job as a Junior Front End Developer in just 12 weeks.

Brody Mileham

Junior Front End Developer - Heat

Success Stories

This course can be a good start for anyone who wants to make a career change into IT.

Petre Vaduva

Senior Assistant Systems Engineer - Dedalus

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