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Agile Planning: A Practical Guide with Lego

Agile Planning: A Practical Guide with Lego

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Agile Planning: A Practical Guide with Lego

Our most popular short course

Learn agile planning in a fun yet practical environment. In just two days, industry experts will teach you essential skills to understand agile, lean methods and practice.

Einstein said it best - “Having fun is the best way to learn”.

This is why, in just two days, our team of leading industry experts will teach you agile planning via lego and other fun modalities. You will walk away with skills and experience that will allow you to excel in the workplace.

2 Day Workshops

2 Day Workshop

Super Fast ROI

Super Fast ROI

Learn from expert professionals

Learn from expert professionals

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Who is this for?

This is the course for you if you want to bolster your ability to manage products and projects more efficiently – through leveraging agile/lean methodologies.

You may have just begun working in an agile environment and need to gain better understanding or perhaps you and your team are looking to improve efficiency through adopting a more lean/agile approach to planning and delivery. Maybe you are just looking for fresh guidance to better understand agile processes, methods, and practicalities.

What will you get?

  • The knowledge to plan successfully using agile methodologies
  • Practical experience for agile planning in a team based setting
  • A thorough understanding of SCRUM and how to deliver it within a team
  • Knowledge on how to use a Kanban board to plan and run projects successfully
  • The ability to organise projects into sprints

Course outline

Learn the practical fundamentals of lean and agile planning methods in just 2 days. This is carried out through practical group exercises to help you quickly understand key concepts and improve efficiency with lean/agile working. We’ll cover the principles of common frameworks like Scrum and Kanban as well as taking you through an ideation and planning exercise, finishing with a super fast sprint delivery using Lego.

Course breakdown

The course runs over two days during which, we will cover:

Day 1: Understanding Agile

The first day will cover the difference between agile and waterfall methodologies. What makes agile possible, beneficial and efficient. We’ll also cover the things most commonly missed out when teams profess 'agile' practices:

  • Batch processing.
  • Understanding Agile and Waterfall concepts.
  • Understanding of Kanban.
  • Practical use of Trello as a Kanban tool.
  • Roles and makeup of a Scrum team.
  • Practical group exercises and simulations.
  • Digital tools to manage Scrum and Kanban projects.

Day 2: Practical Scrum

On the second day we will go into more detail using Trello to visualise projects and tasks. We will work within groups to prioritise the backlog, assigning and delegating tasks to people, minimising work in progress and adding a review stage:

  • Creating a simple Kanban board.
  • Adding a planning stage.
  • 'Definition of 'Done'.
  • Review and Retrospective.
  • Practical group work with Lego.
  • Magic Estimates.
  • Planning Poker.
  • Transferring whiteboard and sticky note planning to digital formats.


This is a classroom based workshop generally run over consecutive days. Due to the hands-on practical training delivered we cannot offer this course in a remote format. Weekend sessions are available, please get in touch for more details.


Do I Qualify To Attend?

Very likely, yes! You do not need any formal qualifications or niche experience to join this course. As long as you are curious, want to grow, and possess basic digital skills (I.e - can use email, word processors, and spreadsheets), then you are more than welcome to join.

What learners say about this course

Catrina Chappell

Data Analyst - Canal & River Trust

I'd recommend it absolutely! Mainly because of the trainers that are involved. They were really knowledgeable, they were always available to answer any questions and stuff outside the sessions.

Rachael Lawlor

Technology Graduate - SkyBet

The Coders Guild gave me the confidence to find a role in tech and to pursue a dream job! The course was easy to follow and had lots of interactive bits too. I have ended up getting a role with a prestigious betting and gaming company all thanks to the Coders Guild

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