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Problem Solving with JavaScript

Problem Solving with JavaScript

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Problem Solving with JavaScript

Do you want to learn how to write JavaScript (JS) properly? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ll start from the basics so if you are new to JS or need to recap you’ll get a solid base and good understanding of the language and syntax.

Learn from the people who know.

Code is 10% of the job

We don’t just teach code, we teach how to work with code, version control, problem solving, pseudocode, teamwork - these are the things employers are looking for.

This course has been specifically designed to meet the needs of team leaders and businesses - the people who are hiring for entry level developer positions.

Regardless of your background you will be very welcome on this course - you’ll learn crucial skills from the best in the business - all whilst making connections and broadening your network, powering up your career from this point forwards.

Group and 1-1 Learning

Group and 1-1 Learning

Super Fast ROI

Super Fast ROI

Learn from expert professionals

Learn from expert professionals

Who is this for?

​​Are you a front-end coder working with a Content Management System (CMS)? Are you a web designer with knowledge of HTML and CSS and ready to take your next career step?

Maybe you just wish you were better at JS! In just five days we will get you there.

This course requires you to have a basic knowledge of HTML and experience with CSS and/or JS would be helpful. Including:

  • Junior Developer.
  • Junior Testers.
  • Front end coders (who want a better understanding of JS).
  • People who work with Content Management Systems (Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Umbraco, Shopify).

What will you get?

This course focuses on the fundamentals of programming and breaking problems down into solvable chunks. The methods we use to organise this process are just as important as the code you will learn.

You will cover:

  • Writing simple JS code using variables
  • Solving code problems using JS
  • Planning work using Pseudocode
  • Manipulating content using DOM
  • Learning the best practice for code reviews
  • Understanding the code review process

Course outline

We’ll start from the basics so if you are new to JS or need to recap, you’ll attain a solid base and good understanding of the language and syntax.

This course is focussed on solving problems, so each day will cover practical applications of JS in common situations. The pseudo code elements will help you break problems down into manageable chunks and solve issues faster.

During the morning you will have the opportunity to work alongside others in group activity sessions, followed by independent learning in the afternoon.

You’ll come away from the course with a great portfolio of real code problems solved by you and a good understanding of the fundamentals of programming using JS.

Course breakdown

Over 5 full day sessions, you will learn key concepts and principles through demonstration, discussion and challenge based learning methods. Practical hands on training with professional developers.

  • Basic programming concepts
  • Functions and control flow
  • Pseudocode
  • Loops, Arrays, and Objects
  • The DOM


This course runs over five weeks in full day sessions. These are delivered remotely in two sessions with an hour’s break for lunch.

If you are a business looking to train many members of your team at once we can offer alternative arrangements. For example, five days in one week and delivery over two weeks can be made available on occasion, by request

Please get in touch to find out more.


This course requires a basic knowledge of HTML and experience with CSS and/or JS would be helpful.

You do not need any formal qualifications, we are looking for aptitude and enthusiasm - if you want to learn how to problem solve with JS, that will be enough for us.

What learners say about this course

Catrina Chappell

Data Analyst - Canal & River Trust

I'd recommend it absolutely! Mainly because of the trainers that are involved. They were really knowledgeable, they were always available to answer any questions and stuff outside the sessions.

Rachael Lawlor

Technology Graduate - SkyBet

The Coders Guild gave me the confidence to find a role in tech and to pursue a dream job! The course was easy to follow and had lots of interactive bits too. I have ended up getting a role with a prestigious betting and gaming company all thanks to the Coders Guild

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