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Problem Solving with JavaScript

Do you want to learn how to write JavaScript (JS) properly? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ll start from the basics so if you are new to JS or need to recap you’ll get a solid base and good understanding of the language and syntax.

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Greater Manchester

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This course is focussed on solving problems so each day covers practical applications of JS in common situations. The pseudo code elements will help you break problems down into manageable chunks and solve issues faster.

In the mornings, you’ll have a chance to work alongside others in group activity sessions followed by independent learning in the afternoon.

You’ll come away with a great portfolio of real code problems solved by you and a good understanding of the fundamentals of programming using JS.

Topics include

  • Basic programming concepts
  • Functions and control flow
  • Pseudocode
  • Loops, Arrays and Objects
  • The DOM

Is this course for you?

This course is aimed at techy people—basic knowledge of HTML is expected and experience with CSS and/or JS would be helpful - but not essential.

You might be a junior front end developer looking to solidify or expand their knowledge of JavaScript. Maybe you would like to move into a role that needs more coding skills? In five days you’ll learn the fundamentals and essentials of programming - not just how to write the language but how to break down real problems and solve them with well written code.

You’ll get to:

  1. Write simple JS code using variables
  2. Solve code problems using JS
  3. Plan work using Pseudocode
  4. Manipulate content using DOM

Hands-On Support:

As a course learner, you’ll receive regular check-ins with various members of the team. Our dedicated support team is here for a chat or to simply answer any questions along the way.

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Our trainers and coaches are industry-leading digital experts, providing you with top-notch skills and knowledge to help you excel.

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Our courses are designed to teach you in-demand tech and digital skills.


Develop new tech skills or brush-up on existing skills to increase your productivity. You and your teams will feel empowered, engaged and educated.

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