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Free Tech Skills Bootcamps for West Yorkshire

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By Crispin

We’re delighted to announce the launch of three exciting new training courses, exclusively open to people in West Yorkshire.

The courses in web development, UX design, and software testing are brought to you by The Coders Guild in partnership with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA). The courses are 100% FREE and run for 12 weeks starting in Jan 2021. Apply or find out more at the links below.

FutureGoals 'Skills Bootcamp', LEP, and West Yorkshire Combined Authority Logos

Web Development With the JAMStack

Dan Munday stands in front of a whiteboard and large screen teaching React, he is pointing at JavaScript code example

Javascript, APIs, and Markup - it's the new HOT way to build web sites. If you've dabbled in HTML and CSS, or want to fast-track your dev career, then this is the course for you. More Info


JAMStack is an architecture designed to make the web faster, more secure, and easier to scale. It builds on many of the tools and workflows which developers love, and which bring maximum productivity.”

We will be recapping the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, accessibility, and responsive design principles. Then we’ll look at solving problems with JavaScript, and explore the tools and frameworks of modern web and app development.

This is a programme for people wanting to get into or switch to web/app/software development as a career, or junior/mid-level developers looking to branch out into a new way of working. A basic understanding of HTML and CSS is expected, but we can provide additional learning materials if you've only just started.

Web/App Dev Skills Bootcamp - More Info

Introduction to Software Testing

a young man and young woman work on laptops

Could you be a software tester? More Info


Do you ever get frustrated using the web or apps? Do you use assistive technologies? Software testing could be your way of improving your experiences. If you're a curious person with good attention to detail, a career in software testing could be just the ticket. This course is a pathway to beginning a career as software or QA tester, giving you essential skills and knowledge to progress in this interesting and rewarding area.

You don't need a technical background or proven academic success, but you will need to be comfortable using a computer and learning how to use new applications. In the first part of the course you'll gain an understanding of what testing means, and why it's important, then you'll gain practical experience and fundamental knowledge around best practices and common workflows.

Software Tester Skills Bootcamp - More Info

UX Design

People discussing a project while moving sticky notes on the wall


UX design - maybe you’ve heard this term bandied around your office, or read about this exciting career? Or perhaps you’re already a designer or a project/product manager, or some other connected role where gaining a better understanding of user needs and service design would be a benefit? Either way, this is fulfilling work interacting directly with the real people who use digital products. More Info

You’ll learn about user experience and customer experience, accessibility, and usability. You’ll also learn about research, planning, testing, and measurement. How do we actually know whether something has been improved or needs to be? How can we design and develop better services, features, and products, and deliver more value to our users, our customers, and our clients?

User Experience Skills Bootcamp - More Info

More Courses

There are more skills bootcamps available from other providers - please see for more info.

Woman looks thoughtful while listening to headphones "Boost your Digital and Technical skills with FREE boot camps

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