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30th Sept: Celebrating Neurodiversity in Tech

2min read time

By Crispin

We’d like to invite you to the event we are hosting as part of Leeds digital Festival.

It’s a celebration of neurodiversity in tech. There will be a series of lightning talks, followed by an ‘Ask Me Anything’ panel. Save the date 30th September 12 noon.

We'll be LIVE on this site (just below), and also on linkedIn and YouTube Live.

live Stream....

Improving diversity and inclusion are high on everyone’s agenda. There are many roles in digital and tech that neurodiverse people can excel at and cognitive diversity in problem solving is a proven asset. We’ll be hearing from neurodiverse people and experts in the field through a series of short case studies and talks including some quick win changes everyone can make.

This is a call to action for all forward thinking organisations in Leeds and beyond to embrace neurodiversity in our recruitment process and working habits.

Q&A powered by Slido

You can submit questions for the panel head of and during the event using Slido

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Hope to see you there

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